Photographs for Bellows & Electronics (2009–2014)


Viewer of Photographic Evidences

on Light Cases of objects in isolation to see through likenesses
piercings block containments nested interiors
disclaimers exposures shells flares contain
doubles and double-sided enclosures eclipsing equivalences
residual shadow extensions
differing matching safekeeping



Landing from Circumpass | Carbon transfer on paper, cork, paint



Outgrown for Cores/Eruct | Metal funnel, basket



Interior for Cores/Eruct | Homemade goo, aluminum foil



Ingrown for Cores/Eruct | Metal funnel



Kinder | Late 19th century Mason & Hamlin Baby Kindergarten pump organ, LED lights



In Memory of Whisper Room | Shruti box, LED lights



Excision for Big Wad Excisions | board



Edging for Big Wad Excisions | Metal discs



Hollow Seal Bypass for Bypass Ideal | Board, duct tape, copper mesh, clear tape



Seal for Vantage/Cordoned | Foam, free reeds, duct tape



Conceal for Vantage/Cordoned | Foam, light



Capsule for Vinculum (Coincidence): Indexed Conjectures Of Coincidence Imprints Once Happened | Plastic capsule, paper



Red Scroll | Paper, paint



Droopy | Metal, corrugated plastic, electrical tape



Transformer for Vinculum (Passes) | Metal ring, twine



Whiting Edges (Exit) for Whiting Belt | Glass jar, brass tube