To celebrate the inclusion of Big Wad Excisions and other Coppice releases in the Radius Library, we’re offering a limited quantity of bundled items: a limited edition Radius Library Poster, a Radius postcard, and a Radius sticker – shipped complementary to any orders that include Big Wad Excisions. Thank you to our friends at Radius!

Vantage/Cordoned [2014]

CD in printed folder with caduc. bookmark
limited edition of 150 copies

Also available via caduc., and soon via our website

Big Wad Excisions [2013]

gatefold CD with 4-page booklet

Also available via Midheaven, Amazon, BoomkatiTunes, etc…

Compound Form [2013]

CD-R in plastic sleeve
first edition of 99 copies

Available via Triple Bath (GR) and Stashed Goods (UK)

Epoxy [2013]

C41 cassette | screenprinted cover in black, blue or green
hand-numbered edition of 100 copies

Available via Pilgrim Talk (US), digitally from their Bandcamp,
and Stashed Goods (UK)

Pied [2013]

C38 cassette | letterpressed cover
hand-numbered edition of 100 copies

Available via Notice Recordings (US) and Stashed Goods (UK)

Holes/Tract [2012]

hand-numbered edition of 100 CD-R’s in letterpressed handmade packaging

Available via Experimedia (US), Consumer Waste (UK) and Stashed Goods (UK)

Print Order
12×9 screen print
by Coppice (edition of 20)


The Pleasance & The Purchase [2012]

7-inch black vinyl
hand-numbered edition of 200 copies

Available via Senufo Editions (IT), digitally from their Bandcamp,
and Stashed Goods (UK)


Vinculum (Courses) [Version Baschet] [2011]

CD-R single
hand-numbered edition of 35 copies

Available via Stashed Goods (UK)


Prune [2011]

C60 cassette split with N.N.N. Cook
limited edition of 100 copies

Available via Close/Far (USA) and Stashed Goods (UK)


Vinculum [2010-ongoing]

randomly handpicked 3CD set stuffed in handmade pouches

Also available via Stashed Goods (UK)

“Additionals” Order
complementarily to the 3CD pouch edition we offer
additional CDs from the Vinculum collection
in hand-painted paper sleeves

upon your order please specify quantity
(each CD will be different in your order)

current pouch owners: let us know what codes your
current CDs are so we avoid sending you repeats!