Matches (Saga Edition) [2015]

CD in jewel case with diamond aluminum mesh, colored thread, transparencies, and hand-numbered card


Bypass Ideal [2015]

C42 chrome cassette tape | risograph print sleeves on clear poly shell case


Spans: Three Perspectival Accounts [2015]

CD-R in paper sleeve

Available via Rhizome•s (FR), and Bandcamp


Cores/Eruct [2015]

CD in wallet


Vinculum (Coincidence): Indexed Conjectures of Coincidence Imprints Once Happened [2014]

red CD-R in plastic jacket stuffed with nesting booklets and sticker
first edition of 100 copies


Soft Crown Transparencies [2014]

a navigable composition for software
(System Requirements: MacOS 10.6.8 or later, QuickTime)
download codes will be e-mailed within 24 hours


Vantage/Cordoned [2014]

CD in printed folder with caduc. bookmark
limited edition of 150 copies

Available via caduc. (CA), and Bandcamp


Big Wad Excisions [2013]

gatefold CD with 4-page booklet

Also available via Midheaven, Amazon, BoomkatiTunes, and Bandcamp


Compound Form [2013]

CD-R in plastic sleeve
first edition of 99 copies

Available via Triple Bath (GR) and Stashed Goods (UK)


Epoxy [2013]

C41 cassette | screenprinted cover in black, blue or green
hand-numbered edition of 100 copies

Available via Pilgrim Talk (US), digitally from their Bandcamp,
and Stashed Goods (UK)


Pied [2013]

C38 cassette | letterpressed cover
hand-numbered edition of 100 copies



Holes/Tract [2012]

hand-numbered edition of 100 CD-R’s in letterpressed handmade packaging

Available via Experimedia (US), Consumer Waste (UK), and Bandcamp


The Pleasance & The Purchase [2012]

7-inch black vinyl
hand-numbered edition of 200 copies

Available via Senufo Editions (IT) and Bandcamp


Vinculum (Courses) [Version Baschet] [2011]

CD-R single
hand-numbered edition of 35 copies



Prune [2011]

C60 cassette split with N.N.N. Cook
limited edition of 100 copies



Vinculum [2010-ongoing]

randomly handpicked 3CD set stuffed in handmade pouches

“Additionals” Order
complementarily to the 3CD pouch edition we offer
additional CDs from the Vinculum collection
in hand-painted paper sleeves

upon your order please specify quantity
(each CD will be different in your order)

current pouch owners: let us know what codes your
current CDs are so we avoid sending you repeats!