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Open On Occluding Devices

Running time: 32 minutes
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Open On Occluded Conditions
A molten image of songs, falsehood, and deflection
Superficial Music cast from a missing mold
Convolution Effects that falsify spaces and devices
Falsified perceptual compression artifacts from Spectral Processors

Open On Occluding Devices
A frozen flame in slight decay
Clear image sought by calcified vision
Clear vision seeks calcified images
To play with Fake Fire
(A glowing center that is not a screen)



Flywheel (Flood Blowing)

Running time: 10 minutes
Screening days: TBA

Surreal Air Fortress

Running time: 28 minutes
Screening days: TBA

Green Flame

Running time: 48 minutes
Screening days: TBA

Dream of Newly Cemented Dedication to Freedom

Running time: 29 minutes
Screening days: TBA