Vinculum is Coppice’s archive of sonic artifacts.

Sounds are recorded and reduced to highlight some aspects at the expense of others. The archive collects different perspectives of air passing through a shruti box (a small bellowed organ), accordion, tubing, sphygmomanometer, and funnels.

2009–2013 Collection:
S-1 01.01 020:00
S-1 01.02 012:40
S-1 01.03 010:00
S-1 02.01 004:44
S-1 03.01 005:36
T-M 01.01 003:50
BK-1 E1.01 019:48
PC-1 01.01 006:54
PC-1 01.02 006:52
PC-1 02.04 004:33
PC-1 04.01 003:57
F-GS 01.02 030:01

The archive is resource for a series of “performed installations” that study the relationships between audio and audience in spaces. Selections from the archive are present in many recorded compositions, most notably The Pleasance & The Purchase (2010), Bluing/Blueing (2012), Soft Crown (2014), and Bramble (2016).


Blowing Kit
Specimen Edition
Collector's Gift

Vinculum pouches

Vinculum pouch

Between 2010–2016 Vinculum was shared as unique/made-to-order hand-embroidered pouches stuffed with three different CD-R’s inscribed with their catalogue number; and also as individual discs in hand-painted sleeves. The listener is encouraged to play the discs simultaneously on repeat from multiple players (when possible.)

The range of amplitude and density of each of the pieces contributes to a rather startling mix. Where similar projects would get bogged down in separate ‘songs’, the listener instead gets the sense of parts of a whole.

–Brian Beaudry, Cut and Run, 2012

Vinculum Blowing Kit

Supporters of Vinculum in 2013 were offered a Vinculum Blowing Kit, containing: a free reed, brass and plastic tubes, a cork-USB containing an obviously produced memory, Red Scroll – a short video and 32-page PDF, all stuffed in a hand-embroidered tall Vinculum pouch.

Vinculum Specimen Edition

Vinculum Specimen Edition (2012) is a collection of twelve CD-R’s housed in wooden boxes custom-designed and handcrafted by Andrew Furse, in an edition of five. The contents of each box are as follows:

  • A twine vinculum integrated on the sliding lid
  • A copper mesh vinculum
  • Twelve specimen glass-mounted/code-inscribed CD-R recordings selected from the 2010–2012 Vinculum collection: S-1 01.01 020:00S-1 01.02 012:40S-1 01.03 010:00S-1 02.01 004:44S-1 03.01 005:36T-M 01.01 003:50BK-1 E1.01 019:48PC-1 01.01 006:54PC-1 01.02 006:52PC-1 02.04 004:33PC-1 04.01 003:57, and F-GS 01.02 030:01
  • A brass tube
  • A brass free reed integrated into the box
  • A small index scroll indicating the lineage and refraction of each recording within other works

The Vinculum Specimen Edition is featured in Stuart Tolley’s book Collector’s Edition: Innovative Packaging and Graphics (Thames And Hudson, 2014)

Vinculum Collector’s gift

Vinculum collector’s gift is three compositions on three discs mounted on a handmade vessel of galvanized steel, copper mesh, rubber, cork, and magnets.